LF1 Vs Other : LX7, S110, RX100

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Re: LF1 Vs Other : LX7, S110, RX100

Lumixdude wrote:

Complete and utter rubbish 90% of the claims are false. All of these are false on the first link


  • Has a two-stage shutter (Yes)
  • Has manual white balance (Yes)
  • Has manual exposure (Yes on photo and video, vs no on video on the LF1)
  • Notably more megapixel (photo) (same actual pixel count with a wider crop)
  • Has manual shutter speed (yes)
  • Has a brand lens (Leica lens)
  • Has WiFi (Who cares?)
  • Lens (doesn't tell the full story of F/5.9 at the tele end for the LF1)

Complete and utter rubbish.

yes, several of these links have lots of wrong or just stupid info. Looks like Advertising bait generated by a computer or marketing droids, not something useful for photographers.

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