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Re: Would sell like hot cakes.

rwbaron wrote:

NeilSDPR wrote:

It would also curb sales of sigma 500mm zooms

However it will never happen, canon I suspect would be more concerned about it affecting sales of the current 400 and 100-400, not to mention the potential loss of super tele sales

Canon are very short sighted in my view and don't appear to see Sigma as competition, even though the sigma 50mm, 35mm, 50-500, 150-500, 150, 120-300, 300-800mm are taking sales away

Basically every third party lens bought in a canon mount is a canon lost sale, canon don't appear to see it that way, if they did then their lens range would move forward much more quickly

I think it's a lens that would do very well for Canon and not cannibalize sales from other products. The 100-400 is a very different lens and those with the need and money for the big fast glass will still pay for it like pro's shooting sports and wildlife. I see a 500f5.6L as a lens more for hobbyists like me and one that would better support the 5D3 and 6D for weekend wildlife shooters that just aren't willing to spend $10,500 for a lens.

I can dream.


Agree with you, I for one would be all over it as soon as it was released, then I could have it with me in my kayak. I do have a 500 f/4 but not for shooting from my kayak.


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