Continuation of my Nikon D4 assymetrical AF saga Part III

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Re: My interpretation

ultimitsu wrote:

chlamchowder wrote:

Hi all. I'm back with updates after a 3rd trip to tokyo. In fact since Part II, I've been to Nikon Japan another 2 times.

You are very, very persistent. If my D600 had a left AF problem, and Nikon wasn't able to fix it or said it was within spec, I'd either just live with it (using the center point only), or sell it and switch brands if I got mad enough.

D600 is less than 1/3 the price of D4 (less than 1/4 if you bought it on Christmas special), an Af problem is thus a lot harder to swallow with D4 than it is with D600.

Also D600 is more of a general purpose camera, whereas D4 is a more specialised action camera. If you could settle for unsuable left side AF you probably did not need a D4 in the first place.

As for selling... It would be pretty hard to sell a D4 with AF defect. People will ask why you are selling, you either commit fraud by lying or discount very heavily by being honest - who would pay more than 3000 USD for an AF-defective D4 over a brand new D800? Either case would be very stressful.

So, I would not say OP is of persistent character, rather, I think his struggle is out of necessity and anger. I would be too.

D600 has it's own set of focusing issues and varying lighting conditions... but so far i've not seen a single D600 with a left or right side focusing problem. Infact D600 focuses better than the D800/D4 in good light (sunlight). D600 is sort of like a Canon, precise but condition dependent.

You'd be surprised that most D4 buyers/users do not know about D4 having the identical focusing issues. Selling this camera would not be a problem, but selling it would certainly mean that I agree with Nikon Japan and it's subsidiaries. I'm not morally prepared to do that yet, unless I really need the cash or out of necessity. Btw, Japan does not agree that the D4 and D800 "problems" are related, every rep i've met insist that it's apple and oranges to bring the D800 issue into the situation as a comparison. It's no secret that the AF chip used in D800, D4 and D7100 are related. The algorithm differs.

Sure, i'm angry, but I want to get this point to as many as possible, that's why I started these series of controversial threads on dpreview.

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