One more reason to shoot in RAW...

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Re: One more reason to shoot in RAW...

GeRoche wrote:

So can you tell us exactly how you processed this? Recovered the shadows obviously but what did you do to the sky? I often encounter the same problem - deep shadows in the foreground and overexposed sky ( almost always with banding when shooting 60-120 degrees to the sun ).

Have you considered using a Gradual Neutral Density (GND) filter? It's basically a square filter that's held in front of the lens that darkens the sky and fades to invisible near the horizon. It's a traditional technique that gives you HDR without the horrible low-contrast artificial look of in-camera HDR. You end up with brighter land/buildings, more saturated skies, much finer cloud detail - and loss of blown highlights.

My GND was the single best add-on purchase I've made for my camera. So if you're sick of white skies with black subjects on the ground - give it a try. Cokin are pretty decent, while chinese copies are super cheap but give a strong colour cast. Instead of using a bracket to hold the filter, I use my fingers to do hand-held shots while balancing the camera on my palm (not ideal but works!).

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