30mm or 45mm?

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Re: 30mm or 45mm?

Kuturgan wrote:

30mm vs 45mm

Pros for 30mm - pancake size

Pros for 45mm - fast aperture 1.8; fast AF; pleasant bokeh

Cons for 30mm - slow AF; bokeh is harsh

Cons for 45mm - bulky

I advise you to compare Pros of 30mm vs Cons of 45mm and Pros of 45 vs Cons of 30mm. You will get a much more easy understanding.

respectfully: I don't think that the size needs to be pointed out as a "con"... as size is easy to see (you don't want to come across as biased by appearing to put up false or irrelevant cons on one of the products).

also, between f2 and f1.8, there really isn't much difference, and anything you can tell is more due to focal length differences than a 0.2 in aperture. Personally, I haven't experienced "harsh" bokeh with the 30mm (to the contrary, I was rather pleasantly surprised), but then again, I've yet to receive the nice 45mm with it's 9 blade diaphragm in order to better appreciate that difference.

But if you have NX300 than 30mm is not an optimal lens because it hasn't iFn which is a must have on NX300 because it lacks the scroll wheel on the back side.

Could we guess that you own/ed an NX1000? Because on my NX20, NX210, and the NX300, there is an additional dial, that changes function depending on what mode you are in, and is used to change the values. I've had no problems with the 30mm lacking an iFn button, and never had to revert to the scroll wheel because of the wheel at the top of the camera - in fact, it seems redundant. But agreed: no benefits of iFn on the 30mm: you have to know how to use the Fn menu instead.

Incidentally, both lenses have quite impressive MTF performance.

I would re-write the pros and cons as follows:

30mm pros:  impressive MTF and low CA, relatively bright lens, very versatile 45mm FF equivalent focal length

30mm cons: no iFn button, no AF/MF switch (you have to go into the menu to select MF)

45mm pros:  iFn, AF/MF switch, stellar MTFperformance, brighter lens, faster AF, solid/quality construction

45mm cons:  (not really aware of any - on one website it listed the chromatic aberration as unusually high, but this is contradicted by another website, so I can't really say)

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