Light lens for birding?

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Re: Light lens for birding?

I've ignored this post for the last day because a light birding setup with great image quality is an oxymoron. if a K-5 is too heavy for you and a prime lens is too heavy for you then maybe you shouldn't bother with birding. Now i'd like to encourage anyone to pursue their dreams but realistically if the weight of a medium size camera is too heavy and adding lenses will only make it heavier then i don't see how you'll achieve your dream. I have done birding with a fish-eye lens but realistically 300mm is the shortest you'd want, the DAL 55-300 is about the lightest decent 300mm you can get. You might consider a GH3 or EM5 and a 75-300 or 100-300 lens and if that is too heavy then a Panasonic FZ200. Of course none of those options are great for birds in flight.

Basically accept that some types of photography require heavier equipment and if that is your absolute desire then maybe you should consider weight training!

I honestly don't understand why a 690g camera could be considered heavy, I'm quite happy with the 3.1kg 500mm F4.5 but i did draw the line at the 6.8kg 600mm F4.0 that was too heavy for running through the field for several hours.

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