The Amazing D200.

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Re: The Amazing D200.

marcio_napoli wrote:

I'm gonna sound extemely biased, but the images in this thread make me appreciate even more CCD cameras.

I know it's all about the photographer, light, etc, and post. Naturally it is.

But take a look at these gorgeous shots!

FTH, your shots are simply amazing, and with a D40X !!!

No unnecessary amount of shadow lifting (which just make shots look fake), no bland, dull colors, no over processed ISO 50.000 in very bad light.

In fact, it's actually the very opposite.

Deep, rich colors, superb edge sharpness, and that trademark CCD rendering.

And with the limited ISO range of those old CCD cameras, you're "forced" to shoot in good light.

When I say "good light", I'm actually referring to plenty of photons available, and the quality of light itself.

Being "forced" to shoot from ISO 100 to 800, actually makes you shoot only when it matters, when there is quality of light.

I mean, seriously, does anyone expect decent IQ at ISO 100.000, when there's not even light in the first place?

Once again, FTH, those are magnificent shots!

Thank you Marcio, I googled your website, phenomenal work on lighting and ingenious shots, this is rare, especially on this forum !

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