TG2 focus problem

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Re: TG2 focus problem

Jefftan wrote:

BorisK1 wrote:

Jefftan wrote:

my problem is missed focus in low light

I am talking about night pictures with street light. Very often almost every picture

is that normal? Others waterproof camera that I have used by Panasonic and Sony don't have this problem

Does the camera show that it acquired focus? In other words, as you half-press the shutter, do you see a green rectangle on the screen?

Yes of course. That's why it is frustrating. I have used lots of camera since 2006 and this is the first camera that is having this problem

I am still not sure whether this camera is defective and debating whether taking it back to Olympus

I am the kind of person that believe if it is not broken don't fix it

You seem to be making a pretty good case that it IS broken.  If you're getting the green indicator that says it's focused, and then get a picture that is out of focus, I'd say you have a good reason to have Olympus repair or replace it.  And the fact that this is your 1st camera in 7 or 8 years that is having this issue is reason enough to send it back.  You shouldn't have to accept that kind of performance in any camera.  Just my thoughts.

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Ken G.

I agree with Ken. I've had my share of blurry shots from my TG-1, but the reason was always either the camera not locking the focus, or the camera shake.

Get in touch with Olympus warranty service. I've dealt with them before, they are pretty good.

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