Canon 16-35 L II on a 1100D body

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Dave Throgmartin
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Re: Canon 16-35 L II on a 1100D body

richiemccaw wrote:

I wrote a while ago regarding a wide angle lens for my brother's 1100D body. My options are still open but I'm leaning towards a 10-22mm.

On a related note, I have been thinking of getting a 16-35L II as a replacement walk around short zoom. This is mainly based on a few considerations. First of which is that I am looking keenly at getting a 6D (hopefully used) in the forseeable future so I want to minimize my APSC lens investment.

Second is that given my semi-limited budget, I would prefer to get a 16-35L II and maybe the 10-22 for the 1100D rather than get a T4i or 60D to go with the 10-22.

Anyone has experience using this particular lens on this budget body? I have gone through a couple of pages on the merits of this but am trying to see whether anyone has tried such a combo before.


I used the 17-40 and crop bodies and liked it.  The 16-35 II is a different animal in terms of cost though and is a touch shorter.

Most on the board will recommend the 17-55 if you want a faster normal lens.  There are 3rd party options that are well though of too.  Sigma and Tamron's (the non-VC) version are generally liked by their owners.

If you don't think you will stay with the 1100D long then I'd suggest sticking with the kit lens.


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