My Fuji HS50EXR Review

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Re: My Fuji HS50EXR Review

Gordon W wrote:

I appreciate the effort you put into this review, Joms.

Thanks and you are welcome.

Let me first say that I bought an HS50 at the beginning of April after having compared it to a Canon SX50 at the same time and love the HS50. It's AF is nearly as fast as my DSLRs and has been very accurate,

So true, no other bridge cam comes closer to DSLR than this cam.

but it suffers from Fuji's chronic lens flare problem and I saw no mention of that in your review or in any of the replies to it.

I have not tried shooting directly to sunlight or any bright light but I think based on my experience, the flaring is prominent only on their travelzoom cam and not on the bridge cam. I will do some experiment and will let you know my findings.

The flaring can be seen in a few of the first shots in this gallery...

It is most troublesome in night photography and direct shots of the sun and even during daylight in rare cases such as in this shot...

FUJIFILM FinePix HS50EXR - 1/110s f/5.0 at 85.5mm iso200

Fortunately, small sensor cameras are not well suited for night photography anyway

Well you can if you are going to use low ISO and longer shutter speed.

and it's best not to take direct shots of the sun with P&S cameras,

Generally, you should not shoot directly on the sun as it will damage the sensor and this applies to all cameras.

so the kind of photography I bought the HS50 for (daylight) the flaring issue is rarely a problem, but I thought it should be brought to everyone's attention. All the night photos in my HS50 gallery that don't show flaring had it removed in PP.

When I bought the HS50 I had a 15 day period I could have returned it and gotten an SX50 instead, but felt the positive features of the HS50 greatly outweighed this one problem.

So true, SX50 has longer FL but HS50's features outweighed it all.

Maybe some day I'll buy a Fuji camera that has normal lens flaring.

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Regards, Gordon
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