Continuation of my Nikon D4 assymetrical AF saga Part III

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My interpretation

Hi all. I'm back with updates after a 3rd trip to tokyo. In fact since Part II, I've been to Nikon Japan another 2 times.

You are very, very persistent. If my D600 had a left AF problem, and Nikon wasn't able to fix it or said it was within spec, I'd either just live with it (using the center point only), or sell it and switch brands if I got mad enough.

This NPS Global Officer admitted that he uses a D4 for hobby time to time and agrees that it takes some "time to get used to it" as compared to the D3S.

I don't believe that it takes "time to get used to it". If you've used a DSLR and are familiar with the technical details related to photography, it really shouldn't take more than a couple of days to get familiar with any camera. if it takes more than a few days, then whoever designed the camera's interface did a bad job (tools should be intuitive...).

1. Nikon does not acknowledge the problem with either the D4 or D800.

2. The issue although supposedly "rectified" for the D800, is actually seen as an enhancement for customers who feel that the original calibration does not work for them. Exactly the same type of talk we received regarding the greenish screens.

That's terrible. Correcting faulty AF is not an enhancement. And unlike colors (which are more subjective), I think everyone can agree that consistently missing focus is a defect (and not a design decision).

3. Nikon Customer Satisfaction department does scout the internet and unlike popular belief, they DO read english photo forums. I discovered this due to being questioned about a japanese privacy mistake I made in the first thread (part I).

That makes me even more surprised that they haven't done something about it.

Just to share, the issue has already damaged my reputation as a consumer and for the first time in my life I've walked into a photo store in town and get asked why I'm not buying anything and that they've heard serious things about me from Nikon Singapore. Very humiliating.

That's even more terrible. I absolutely hate it when stores get rude and ask why you aren't buying anything. Especially with cameras (where each purchase is a long term investment), no store should expect everyone to be buying stuff.

On the other hand Nikon Singapore had agreed to provide 6 mths local warranty beyond 1 year of Malaysian warranty for the D4. I initially agreed to close this case due to this gesture but several new discoveries has spurred me on to take this to the next level of action

When you had the conversation with the Nikon rep, did you by any chance actually take out the camera, mount the lens (like the 14-24 you mentioned earlier), and demonstrate the focusing inaccuracy? Like...autofocus on an object, and show him that it's blurry. And then manually focus on it again in LV mode and show him the sharpness difference?

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