10 reasons why a cell phone is better than a D800e

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10 reasons why a cell phone is better than a D800e

OK -- I'm trying to be provocative.

After participating in a couple of recent threads where smartphones have been generally treated as spawn of the devil and beneath consideration by any budding Ansel Adams, I'd like to make a semi-serious for why you might want to give your phone a try, whether you're an absolute beginner or a camera aficionado with a closet full of the latest gear. So here goes -- top 10 reasons why a cell phone is better than a top pro dslr --

10. It's always with you.

9. It's cheap. Well cell phones aren't cheap, but chances are you have one anyways along with a data plan. A handful of very nice apps will set you back, at most, just another $20. Whens the last time you bought anything for your camera set up that cost less than $20?

8. It's discreet. At first you may feel odd holding up your phone to take a pic, but trust me, no one notices any more. (Well, camera snobs do because in the bourgeois snobbery they are silently laughing at you, but who cares about them anymore. Really.)

7. You learn to compose better. Shallow DOF is a parlor trick. Learn to frame and isolate subjects with better composition, not by using some optics fakery.

6. Painterly Quality. Sure, cell phones have limited DR. On the other hand, it gives some scenes a a very nice (for lack of a better term) painting like quality. It's not all about resolution.

5. There's always another app to try. Don't like your camera interface? Go buy another for a couple bucks. I'm liking ProHDR, ProCamera on the iPhone, but Camera+, and iOS Camera, Hueless are all interesting to use. I especially like the anti-shake features of ProCamera+ -- this is a feature I wish my dslr had. The third party developers are knocking themselves out developing for iPhone. Try Snapseed (from the folks who did Nik) is a must have for image correction right on your phone.

4. Some things really are easier. Panoramas are dead simple in the standard iOS Camera app.

3. Dropbox. Sharing, backup, galleries, as transparent as you want it to be. And it's free.

2. Lightroom 5 knows iPhone. I've just been using my standard LR workflow. Works seemlessly with everything else I do (just import from autosynced Dropbox folder). Hit lens correction in LR, hit auto Upright, and bingo, perfectly acceptable perspective control.

1. Reverse snobbery. Now you can wait for the question we all hate -- "hey, nice pic, what camera did you use?" Bammo -- casually say "oh, nothing special. Just my cell phone." So you be snob and still have it both ways.

For what they're worth, these are my own attempts at learning to use my iPhone 4S -- http://www.flickr.com/photos/jck_photos/sets/72157633967193553/

Don't be a dslr snob. Embrace your cell phone.

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