Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: Lenses: Did they get it right??

Bear in mind that the first camera of the X-Series cameras is the X100, a compact designed with the rangefinder concept in mind.  Naturally, rangefinders are aimed more at street photographers who need their cameras to be unobtrusive.  The X-mount cameras are designed with the same rangefinder concept in mind.  Then, I guess it's no surprise why Fuji should choose 35mm (50mm equivalent) and 18mm (28mm equivalent) focal lenses.  Then Fuji tried to compliment the line-up by adding a 60mm f2.4 Macro lens for portrait and macro photographers.  However, I don't think many people who only shoot portraits will be interested in the X system.  There are so many SLRs that can do much better jobs than the X system cameras.

Personally I wouldn't have bothered the x system cameras if x-e1 were the first camera of the line up, because it's just like another NEX-6/7 competitor with a built in EVF.  I love the OVFs on X100/s and X-Pro1, and this is the reason why I am a fuji fan.  In other words, fuji is actually doing the right thing, because it successfully lured me to get an x-e1 too.  I can't be happier with the lenses.  They are perfect for street photography.

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