Nikon D5100 vs. D5200

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What are the primary differences between the D5100 and the D5200? Are these differences enough to justify the ~$200 price difference?

For $200, get the new body. As others have said, the AF module alone is worth the difference.

In what circumstances?

The AF module is a marketing gimmick that works very well because Nikon get to save a fortune by recycling the innards of the D7000 and playing to the nonsense seen here.

$200 for that AF module is a joke.

Most people never fully use the capability of the module in the D5100 as it is. You gotta wonder how Canon users have coped for so long with an even lower spec AF than the D5100.

Lenses will make a massive difference, the 39 point AF module will give you bragging rights at best.

So by your logic, everyone should just stick with film and forget digital because so many other great photographers got along just fine without the new tech years ago right? Your logic is ridiculous.

Regarding the AF system, the D5100 is the same as the D90. Ever try to manually manipulate focus points on a D90's 11 point system? Didn't think so. Leaves quite a bit to be desired compared to a 39 point system when quick or creative changes are needed. AF lock and recompose takes on a whole new meaning with the limitation in the D90/D5100. The  AF module in the D5200 also has 11 cross type focal points vs. just one in the D5100. This means that the camera will achieve a more reliable and quicker lock on the subject by using both planes instead of only one. The difference is quite noticeable when I compared the two, and one doesn't have to be a pro photographer to experience the difference. In fact, a novice photographer will have an EASIER time locking on to targets in low contrast situations with the D5200 based on its hardware capabilities.

Typically, I would agree that most people never use even a fraction of what their DSLR is capable of, including myself, but in this case, you are incorrect.

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