30mm or 45mm?

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Re: 30mm or 45mm?

aymonb wrote:

I have the opportunity to buy either one of these and probably the other later, I mainly shoot photos of friends at parties, random things about and landscapes etc but nothing specialised. Is the 45mm focal length a bit long for conventional use and more aimed at portraiture etc? any help would be appreciated

You will find most quarters too cramped to use the 45mm at parties and such - you'll have to back up across the room and by then some opportunities will be gone, unless it's a group shot where everyone is holding still and saying cheese.

The 30mm is a 45mm equivalent - 50mm being the most popular back in the film days. and it gives you good control over DoF when you get close and personal.  It's just a bit wider than 50mm (more versatile) while still offering that "natural" looking field of view that the 50mm is so popular for.

It sounds very much like the 20-50mm may be more appropriate, but perhaps you already own that?

The 30mm is on sale at many places for $300. I just ordered the 45mm for $200 here in Canada, but I already have the 30mm. If the 45 hadn't been so cheap, I would just stay with my 30mm. It is just so very versatile.

For anyone in Canada reading this, there is a thread on sale prices over at Henry's:


Lozeau in Montreal also have good prices on some of their lenses, but I'm not sure if they sell online, including $200 for the 20-50mm kit zoom (that's $150 off), with optics better rated than the 18-55mm.

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