Point me in the right direction - Nikon camera for a friend

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Re: Point me in the right direction - Nikon camera for a friend

BlueJakester wrote:

A friend of mine wants to take photos of a greater image quality than a cheap point-and-shoot camera. I have no idea where to start researching other than the Coolpix line. I did a search for "Nikon Coolpix" at B&H Photo and it returned 480 items

If I wrote out some simple criteria here I was hoping one of you could help me narrow the field a little. I was thinking used Nikon 1 V1, but I don't really know. Here is the criteria:

  1. Must be a Nikon. (I might be able to twist his arm for a Canon if that is appropriate)
  2. Budget $400 to $500.
  3. In camera HDR would be nice.
  4. Must have or include optional optical view finder.
  5. Zoom lens required. Can be a combination optical/digital zoom.
  6. Simple operation without a lot of studying the manual a must.

Any advice on where I should start would be greatly appreciated. Point me to another forum here at DPRreview, or a search for B&H, Amazon, or other. Help!




1. Of course, violence is always useful.

2. Saw a D3100 with 18-55 and 55-200 at B&H for $499.

3: In camera HDR? I don't know.

4: Has optical VF and LV.

5: See 2.

6: It is always a must studying the manual. Prevents sending the camera back for user-error. And one could always be wiser. None ever died from that.

Right  - search the net - I did - or go to town.


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