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Re: A headache for manufacturers

Grevture wrote:

ragspix wrote:

Hmmm... performance ... maybe..

But just think how much a 800mm prime would weigh for a N1 body...

Are we at a threshold of size? Would smaller lighter primes drive the current batch of expensive lens owners to a smaller form factor?


Don't forget one very large factor for getting these expensive primes is subject isolation and DOF control, and there is nothing to be gained from a smaller form factor there (that is, smaller sensor).

Well shooting with a 5.6 800mm at a far distance gives bokeh

For much of everyday pictures, sure. And that is probably exactly why Nikon went the route they did with the Nikon 1 cameras. But for the kind of images where you are prepared to go the extra mile to get exactly the result you want, there the full frame cameras and there relatively large and expensive lenses will prevail.

Prevail? in numbers or quality...

My guess is the N1 system will play a larger role in Nikon product offerings, they just got to get the engineering/quality closer to dslrs.

They just came out with a 32mm 1.2 w manual override ( pro-like lens) for the system. It is a departure from the cost conscious product base now.

We'll see


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