Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Another lost soul with a similar point of view ...

Clint Dunn wrote:

The reason for the choice of focal lengths for the Touit lenses is that they were designed for the NEX line....that's where all the sales are. Yes, Fuji worked with Zeiss (which is great) and the Touits are being released for Fuji too, but the primary focus was for the Sony user, which is why Zeiss chose the focal lengths they did.

Yes, thanks I DID understand this, but wasn't looking at the offerings from a commercial point of view but more like: what's available for me without looking too deeply into then why there are reasons for the doubling up.

Found in the meantime that there is at least a second person around *yeah, that's right, a second one!!!* that seems to see things from a similar viewpoint:

"I think Zeiss screwed the pooch by releasing the wrong X mount lenses right now. They should have come out of the gates with a portrait lens. The Fuji 60mm works but it ain’t great. I’d really like to see Fuji redesign that damn lens. It’s a pain in the ass when focusing. When you get it focused it’s awesome. The rest of your time you’re cussing the damn thing. I’m just going to ditch it when I get a Leica lens. If Zeiss had an 85 something or another lens coming out I’d be first in line for it. Right now they are offering comparable focal lengths to already great Fuji lenses (12mm, 32mm, 50mm). I don’t get it."

Zack Arias on


So maybe where there is two there might be three?? Considering the responses to my little rant here I would doubt that!

Zack who??



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