LF1 Vs Other : LX7, S110, RX100

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Re: LF1 Vs Other : LX7, S110, RX100

The 2 cameras reviews are superficial and they rate things as advantages that have no real meaning for me.  Right now, my major "want" is a replacement for my aging S90.

It is used mostly as a pocketable camera that won't drag down one side of a suit or tux jacket on cruises, or at parties or dinners.  The f/2 lens and good high ISO performance (ISO 1600 and even 3200) are key factors.  For its primary use, I don't need a longer focal length than the 105 mm equivalent on the S90.  Obviously, size and weight are important criteria.  I don't do video, and most shots are printed at 4" x 6" or 5" x 7", although some are printed as a borderless 8.5" x 11".  My G15 is plenty good enough for this application; but is a little big and a little heavy.  It would do in a pinch.

The RX100 is a little larger, a lot heavier (especially with a Franiec grip added - my S90 has one), and it's very expensive.  It's also about to be replaced by the RX100 II (AKA RX200) with hot shoe, optional EVF, and a tilting LCD. Much larger sensor promises lower noise at high ISO.

S110 is very similar to the S90, about the same size and weight, has a longer and wider lens that is slower at the long end.  Uses similar sensor and processor to my G15, which is much better at high ISO than the S90.  Needs an add on front grip.  Comes with a real charger, not a USB power supply  We'll have to see what Canon offers for 2014.

LF1 is similar in size and weight to my S90.  Also needs a front grip.  Built in EVF is a strong feature for me for outdoor use.  Lens is slow at 200 mm; but noticeably faster than the RX100, S90, and S110 at 100 mm.  Since I would seldom use the 200 mm focal length indoors, the LF1 lens compares very favorably to the S90 and RX100.  The big question mark is how well it does at high ISO.  Like the RX100, I'd also want a real, external charger and a spare battery.

This comparison is a lot more useful to me than what is included in the Two Cameras comparison.  Most of which is irrelevent.

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