Replacement Motherboard Defective, What Can I Do?

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Re: Replacement Motherboard Defective, What Can I Do?

Glenn Haley wrote:

You're right. It's really not worth getting all upset over the problem. It's an old board missing a lot of the updated features of newer boards but newer boards with this type of CPU socket are rare yet the CPU and 12GB of memory are still in good operating condition.

In a surprising move I did hear from ASRock support after posting my problem here. They want me to send them my board, CPU, memory and power supply (I'm surprised they didn't ask for the case too). With the power supply being so heavy the cost of shipping would just add more expense to something that has limited value.

I guess the end result is I've exhausted options and have to accept the fact that ASRock products and support are things I want to avoid in the future.

Have you tried a different PSU? I would try that before throwing in the towel.

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