EX-FH100 price doubled ?!

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Re: EX-FH100 price doubled ?! -High Speed Video & Manual Shutter Control

I have just bought a second-hand EX-FH100.  Its in very good nick, hardly used actually!

I was lead to this model by a technician at V1 who produce the analysis software for the David Leadbetter Interactive Golf package.  I want to analyse my swing and I want to frighten the wits out my golfing buddies by exposing them to their own swings!

I have just started trialling it in my back garden before taking it to the range.

I set it to 120fps, 1/2000s on HS setting as recommended.  I am still unsure of what I'm doing - it's early days yet - but is it supposed to playback in slow motion by default?  Or should it playback normal speed and then you take control of the buttons and slow it down yourself?

When I export it to V1, I thought that was where I could start manipulating the playback speed, but it seems that I can slow it down even more - it seems quite grainy too.

Any tips that will get me moving in the right direction?

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