Image quality: SEL1018 vs SEL16F28 + VCL ECU1

Started Jun 16, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Image quality: SEL1018 vs SEL16F28 + VCL ECU1

I guess it depends on how important the extreme wide angle is for your style of shooting.

If a wide angle lens is your main tool ( or will be ) then it's worth getting the 1018 but the price difference between the two is so huge that I would first try the 16mm + UWA to see  if it's good enough for you.

The issue with the 16mm is getting a good copy and even a good one stopped down still blurs the extreme corners - almost every example I've seen here and other forums ( including my own experience ) shows soft blurry bottom left corner.

If you decide to get the 16mm, don't just accept the first one you try ( especially if you buy from a reputable retailer ) - test it and if the corner sharpness is not acceptable, return it and try another one ( I've gone through 3 to find one that is ok ).

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