Steve McCurry - Stolen Childhoods

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Ok then, lets see some examples........

......of work that you think cuts the mustard.

I'm genuinely curious to see what you consider good doco photography and to know your opinions as to why they are good and why they are better - a fair request no?

something missing and to me they look like a commercial photographer doing doco.

The contents(sic) is good but the delivery is somehow poors (sic), there doesnt appear to be any relationship where the photographer has drawns(sic) anything out and the content is lacking by this casualness(s)..(s). Was his return ticket already booked, did he have to rush home ...these pictures look like something you pay a guide to take you to and then you nick off to the next one.

childhoods (sic) ...something wrong in the grammar me thinks and for me the bad grammar sort of sums it up.

By the way, the plural for childhood is childhoods. Grammar is fine, Mr N. Chomsky, since there is more than one 'lost childhood' subject/story 

Also, I know you are trying to be clever by continually using (sic), but really it's only appropriate on the last sentence of your reply (which incidentally, like your first sentence, should start with a capital letter).

Maybe you should be less bombastic if you want to be taken seriously, cupcake 

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