The Art of the Manual Flash

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Re: The Art of the Manual Flash

Manual flash is posible, using the flash's Guide Number. That's what photographers used to do before auto flash and TTL flash came along.

You will find the guide number in your flash's instruction manual, or online.

Set an aperture that equals the Guide Number divided by the distance.

eg, the SB900 GN is 131 (if measuring in feet) or 40 (if using meters). This is for ISO 100, full power, and 35mm zoom.

Therefore, at 6 feet, the exposure is f22. (131÷6 = 21.8). Or f11 at 1/4 power. Or f5.6 at 1/16 power.

I used to have a chart taped to the flash head, and became used to estimating distance and changing settings quickly.

With modern flash units, your preferred exposure may be different to the calculated one. Just create your own exposure chart.

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