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I had a dialog with a pro a while ago that complained about low-cost photogs stealing his wedding business. He wanted the government to step and regulate pro photography - qualifications, licenses, rates, etc.

He didn't understand that the customer determines value - if he doesn't have a compelling value proposition for the market segment he's working in, he either needs to change what he offers & pricing, or move to a different market segment.

We hire pro photogs for a variety of our needs - products, PR, events, etc. We look at what they've done, have we used them before, will it meet our needs, and lastly cost. Some of this is studio work for products, through a solo shooter for a local event. We haven't been disappointed yet as far as I know. No license required, just results

Surgeons & airline pilots should require licensing & regulation, not photographers.

Dreamweavers should also be unregulated, but that's another discussion outside of DPR....

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