D800 Still Delivers! Dynamic range and amazing sharpness.

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there's a fine line between

mediocrity and class: once there's no control over the need to plague the common taste, the line is crossed.

Thanks for pointing Ryan Schembri's work, but there's absolutely no comparison possible between the work of to this.

The problem is that this forum is followed by amateurs mainly that don't see the difference and would love anything for the sake of it. It is also a fact that many clients will be just happy with what they get and wont see the difference either, because we live in a world were everything has been disfigured to a processed taste to the point that people would rather go with a popular look over a classy or natural one. The fact that those filters look exactly like the ones that people use on their Iphones is pretty comforting and provides a self-reflected satisfaction. (they look the same as their own images)

Certain people can't tell the difference between an Angus AAA burger to a processed burger from MCdonalds and will actually prefer the processed taste to something more elaborated and natural ; It is just easier like that. A daily flush of plain sugar is always pleasing to the brain but affects the body 10 years after : the photos will be outdated in a few years and heavy processing such as this is unforgiving for editorial or fashion work :


The author of this thread certainly shows up an impressive website in apparence but everything, from uneven photo work, heavily toned mapped HDR, terrible skin filters, b&w images with blue colors pasted on it, overly repeating series and model (beautiful wife by the way) on each of his link, doesn't reflect true professionalism.

Sorry but I am not biting.

SubPrime wrote:

FTH wrote:

mironv wrote:


Well regarless what you think about my wedding pictures first you need to look at them and you did not do that. How do I know? Well I can see in stats of my gallery.

So your opinion is based on out flat lie. Nor did you add anything to Op post and discution.

This post is not about how I shoot is about OP shots "showing" D800 DR abilitys.

I just voice my opinion that I don't see how as this pictures so PP that is hard to say what was acctual light like to marvel D800 DR in such light.

The shots are so heavily PP that it simply kills their true spirit - the PP looks like random hypstematic filters applied automatically by a software. You can clearly recognize the NIK COLOR EFEX "bi-colour", "ink", "aged picture" and cross-processing filters. Some are ok, but those retinted b&w images really look dirt cheap.

Here's an example of excellent wedding shots :

Yes they are, and so is the OP's. And believe it or not, the ones you linked to are also heavily retouched.

Here's far better wedding photographer.


Why should all wedding photographers produce the same look.

Cliff Mautner and Jerry Gionis produce completely different looks. They are still both outstanding.

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