Sour grapes, 7D, 70D, & D7100.

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Sour grapes, 7D, 70D, & D7100.

Please tell me how wrong I am and why.

Personally I am frustrated waiting. I have no lenses for either system and expect to spend between 3 and 5 thousand USD over a two year period. Wild life is my thing so u4/3rds is off the phase detect low noise table.

I want Canon for the more complete feature set that the Magic Lantern firmware will offer it. But I want and should get the great cropping ability of the high megapixel count and dynamic range that the D7100 RAW offers but not the ridiculous 6-7 frame RAW buffer.

If Canon would get off their behind and produced the 70D (provided it is significantly closer to the modern Nikons) I would of gladly bought it this spring instead of building a Haswell PC. (Yep, building it myself it is right at $1200.)

Although I would have to wait for confirmation from the Magic Lantern crew that they will be able to support it first. It is a shame focus stacking and intervalometer, video, capabilities are gimped or incomplete in new $1,200 DSLRs. It is a lot of money leading to a whole lot more in lenses.

Both companies should just sell the best camera they can possibly make for the money. The 7D and the D7100 are great cameras, capable of fantastic imagery, but when you stack the capabilities of the two next to each other, speed and capacity of one versus quality and cropping ability of the other; they both look like El Caminos to me, half a car, half truck and not a whole of either one.

I find both companies disingenuous. Nikon really couldn't do better than 7 raw frames in the 15 megapixel mode, at $1200 body only? I don't believe that. Canon put two processors in the 7D in 2009.

Canon is having difficulty producing a higher megapixel sensor for the 70D or other parts for a serious 70D upgrade, they weren't planning to just plod out another 18 megapixel sensored camera? I don't believe that either. They have no problem producing higher MP sensors for their full frame cameras.

No matter what professionals are going to buy full frame anyhow, I just don't see why they keep crippling the APS-C offerings. These are enthusiast cameras with water poured on the enthusiasm on a regular basis. The fact that both Canon and Nikon charge 50% more to remove the flip out screen from the 60D and D5200 is additional watering down of my enthusiasm.

It seems to me the used market value is so good for these cameras in part because people are buying them constantly. And why not when if you pay new price for the 7D, you're paying $1,200 for 3 1/2 year old tech, or crippled new tech.

One old argument goes just buy what is available right now and start enjoying it. Right 6 FPS or much smaller cropping and shadow recovery, hmph.

Please feel free to tell me how wrong I am, and why.

p.s. I walked my feet off today and saw three separate Anna's hummingbirds and 7 separate butterflies, most were Yellow Tiger Striped Western Swallow-Tails, and had at least a few chances for very nice shots with a fast camera and a 100-300 lens.

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