History & Future of the dSLR

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Re: History & Future of the dSLR

The future for DLS manufactures is short and grim

The majority of the population is satisified with capture the moment.  It can be a graduation, a b-day, a wedding, or a host of other events.  We've all seen it, 90% of the people pull out their smartphone, a few have a P&S, then there is the one guy ( usually me ) with the DLSR and lenses.

I almost give away my pictures, and I have few people who want these timeless shots.   I think the convenience of producing the image has really lowered the standards we are willing to accept.  This comes in audio, visual, really everything we've traded conveniences for quality/art etc.   There is no going back, that is progress.

Moore's law has commidtized electronics, the bits and capture of those bits are a commodity.   There will be a few specialzed needs/demands for high performance image capture.  It'll be interesting how CaNikon approach this.   They have disappearing P&S, shrinking business outside imaging and the core high end imaging getting commoditized and shrinking.

For them to survive they need to think out of the box, and if you look they aren't moving very fast at all.  Soon, very soon sales of DSLR will be to mostly gearheads and pro's who have to compete on the fewere and fewer paid gigs.   Problem for the pros and the manufactures, for us amatuers, my D4 and D600 will do fine and I can pick up my D5/D900 for cheap when the D6 comes out.  I really don't need anymore.  The DSLR has come to the point like cars and computers.  Unless you have an image to keep or $ to make you only get a new one when the old one breaks down or when your ego and pocket books says i got to buy a new one.  Reality the new one will do very little to produce a meaningful better image.

Nikon/Canon will go the way of DEC/Datageneral/Buroughs-Sperry etc. etc.

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