TG2 focus problem

Started Jun 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
Jefftan Senior Member • Posts: 2,474
Re: TG2 focus problem

BorisK1 wrote:

Jefftan wrote:

my problem is missed focus in low light

I am talking about night pictures with street light. Very often almost every picture

is that normal? Others waterproof camera that I have used by Panasonic and Sony don't have this problem

Does the camera show that it acquired focus? In other words, as you half-press the shutter, do you see a green rectangle on the screen?

Yes of course.  That's why it is frustrating.  I have used lots of camera since 2006 and this is the first camera that is having this problem

I am still not sure whether this camera is defective and debating whether taking it back to Olympus

I am the kind of person that believe if it is not broken don't fix it

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