The Amazing D200.

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Re: D200 is like a baby digital back

marcio_napoli wrote:

Isn't it truly iconic that this old gem was so underrated for many years (due to lousy High ISO vs the 5D at that point in time), and now is getting the well deserved respect ?


As low as ISO 1250 noise was a real problem, while the 5D could easily go up to ISO 3200 without worries.

At the time, Canon had full-frame sensors and Nikon was stuck with DX. IIRC, it wasn't the "prosumer" D200 which was catching all the flak for its weaker high-ISO performance against the full-frame 5D, which after all listed at nearly twice the price. It was the $8000 D2x which was the relative underperformer at high ISO (but not in AF, frame rate, build, etc.).

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