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A headache for manufacturers

Lasse Eisele wrote:

You've received some harsh responses here, many of them well-deserved, but I don't feel the need to add any more of the kind.

I guess have taken my fair part in the harshness, much of it coming from a bit of pent up frustration over the OP and his provocative ways

But you do set a good example of being civil, even towards those who are not.

The problem with the future of the DSLR, as I see it, is that the current generation is already so good. Most of us don't really need anything better than what we already have. There will be improvements, even vast improvements, but most of us don't need them.

This is one major headache for the camera manufacturers, we really have reached a "good enough" level now (actually, some years ago). Not that cameras cannot be improved, they sure can. Not that cameras will not improve, they will. But unless something really out of the box appears, the improvements mean less and less for the overwhelming majority of photographic situations.

I used to be in love with my D100. It was a wonderful camera at the time and it produced images that I still love. But all the time I was aware that I would eventually get something better. The same could be said about the D200 and D300.

Now, with the D800E, it's different. I finally feel at home. I will never need any better camera. I would possibly consider spending more money if I could get the same qualitity in a smaller form factor, perhaps a mirrorless FX camera with an electronic shutter (totally quiet and free from vibrations). If not, I will stay with my D800E.

I could use my old D70 for many situations still, and get a very useful and enjoyable result from it. Now I do shoot sport, often indoors, so my level of comfort is my two trusted D3 bodies and the used D3s who joined them last summer. That trio can keep me in business for years and years to come - at some time I will have to replace them because they are simply worn out, but in terms of capabilities, they will do for a very long time.

So maybe some years from now I will by a couple of used D4's, not that I really need much of what it adds over the D3 or D3s, but because by the time we have had a D5 for a while, moderately used D4's will be a nice bargain. Or even a D3s if one still is to be found by then.

Slowly this will become more and more problematic for the camera manufacturers. Sure they will sell new models, some people genuinely need whatever improvements they bring. Some will buy them simply because that is the current model when they decide to get a DSLR. Some will upgrade to them because can afford to always have the latest and greatest and like to have it. And some will buy them simply because the old camera they are using is worn out or broken down.

But the days when a majority of users upgraded because every upgrade provided with a massive increase in performance is over. And has been over for some years now. I mean, I could still recommend someone to get a D90. Or a D5000. Or a D700. Or a D3 ... And I believe it is much the same with other brands.

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