Anyone Jump On The Adobe CS Cloud?

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Re: Anyone Jump On The Adobe CS Cloud?

daishi wrote:

Been using it for the last 8-12 months or so, no complaints. All the moaning on the net about CS cloud is really getting old.

I'm more worried about google discontinuing support for Nik in photoshop and coming out with a google apps only version of photoshop than I am against anything Adobe is doing. You don't really hear about people who are using CS cloud complain because we are happy with the service.

Overpriced so not interested in it.  Good bye Adobe.

It's hilarious that the reason why Adobe is forcing people to rent their software instead of buy it is because Adobe simply cannot innovate anymore.  Just listen to the number of people who say CS6 offers them nothing and the proposed CC version is so light on new features, that it is not worth upgrading to.

Meanwhile Adobe claims CC will allow them to improve the software more often, rather than by a 2 year schedule.

Something does not compute!  What are these great, mythical Adobe innovations that have been missing the past many years?

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