How about the Sigma 120-400mm lens?

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Dave Throgmartin
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Re: How about the Sigma 120-400mm lens?

BobT wrote:

I continue soul searching. My wife asked just how excited I am about shooting (wildlife) in the field; as she's aware that I have not done as much of that sort of thing lately. An astute observation on her part. My Canon 70-200 lens has worked well for other animal shots taken more recently (ie zoos, parks, etc.), and does have the quality which has allowed me to do some pretty severe cropping and still lets me get good 8X10 keeper prints.

So I'm now thinking that I just might already have the best solution, and that the longer tele zoom may have (good) qualities....but that I might not actually use that much.'s a lot heavier....and that is starting to be an issue on my old weary bones.

I wish to thank those of you who contributed to this thread.


If wildlife is your thing how about selling the 70-200mm f/4 L IS and instead getting the 400mm f/5.6 prime?  It should be an eye popping increase in quality for wildlife use and you're getting a sure thing instead of the 120-400 Sigma which could be iffy...

The 400 goes for $1219 new.


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