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Re: All/Pure Manual Flash is workable for an event

NYCphotoman wrote:


Honestly, do you really know how the ETTL system on the Canon works exactly? Were you right there with the Canon engineers in designing the system? Do you know the exact limits of the system? It doesnt matter if you have a PHD in anything, but what matters is knowing the exact limits of the system.

If all you know about the ETTL system is that "it just works" then clearly you cant take it to the limits of creativity. The ETTL system is good for general photography or just getting shots which "work", but what if you wanted to truly be creative and go beyond the system?

As for me "not knowing what Im talking about", your words are not friendly and not becoming of a wedding photographer. I would not want you or your company at my own wedding causing so much trouble and introducing such attitudes into such a pleasant affair. I cant believe you are posting this objectionable material under your own name. No matter what you think of my opinions, and I have not posted anything profane or really objectionable in that regard, this is not the way to address someone. Clearly, clearly inappropriate and very childish. Not the type of person I would want at a wedding even if they were the hired help taking pictures.

First off, I don't have a Phd, I am a Professional Engineer (PE). You can understand any design by observing the reactions of the item under test to various conditions. This is called observation and experimentation.

No, I do not know how the Canon eTTL system works, I shot with Nikon and I do understand how their CLS AWL iTTL works.

One thing about me is I do not hide behind internet names. If I have something to say, I will always say it to your face. That's called being a man.

I believe anyone reading your comments would see you as an elitist.

You are full of opinions and frankly bad assumptions, guess I'm being childish again (you love labeling people, don't you?). You really need to learn to read instead of putting words where there are none.

So now you can infer how my attitude is with my clients? I do weddings because I enjoy doing them. I love my clients and they love me.

Since I don't shoot with a Canon, don't own a Lumedyne or Quantum flash and don't shoot full manual on everything, I would be disqualified to shoot your wedding.

However, you sir are not my client and frankly never would be. You have an opinion on everything, but listen to none. You would be a Groomzilla, I am too old and don't need the money to put up with you.  I would weed you out at our first meeting.

But hey, if you don't care what I say, stop responding or put me on your ignore list.

Anyway, how's that manual flash shooting going?  I would never hire you for my event for fear of you missing a shot because you are too busy looking at your histogram trying to understand your settings, instead of watching the event and knowing your settings are correct.


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Hi Craig,
At the end of the day, either the photos look good, or they don't. The official slogan of the Perl programming language is TMTOWTDI: There's More Than One Way To Do It.

I'm sure that your advice is good, but that doesn't mean it's the only way. Let me give you an example: I took a lighting seminar yesterday. It was great, and so this morning I took some photos of my daughter. I put the flash in wireless mode and my wide held it at an angle, I used manual exposure and put everything to use, and I loved the photos.

Then, just to prove how much this improved my pictures, I took a shot in Green mode. And the picture from Green mode looked great, too. Argh!

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