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What are the primary differences between the D5100 and the D5200? Are these differences enough to justify the ~$200 price difference?

I think that the two headline differences are the AF module and the image sensor.

The D5100 has the older 11 point AF module that it shared with the D90 and the D5200 uses the 39 point AF module from the D7000. This only really makes a big difference when you are shooting moving subjects using AF-C. The 39 point module is better than the older 11 point module. That's not to say that the older module was incapable though. If you are really into this type of shooting you really need the 51 point system found in the D300s or the D7100 (they are not exactly the same module).The 39 point module allows AF fine tuning which is handy for fast aperture lenses. This ability also adds a task that needs to be done at least once and routinely checked periodically.

The D5100 uses the excellent 16 MP sensor it shares with the D7000, while the D5200 has a newer 24MP sensor. The 16MP sensor provides a remarkable ability to pull shadows up in post that the higher res sensor cannot quite match. I think image quality is a close call. So I think the question is how much value is the extra resolution worth to you vs the ability to pull shadows. If you don't regularly make very large prints but occasionally need to pull shadows then the D5100 might actually be preferable.

I think I would go for a D5100 out of these two. If i was buying a camera for sports action I would save/spend the extra for a D300s or a D7100. Otherwise the D5100 AF is quite adequate. I do like the ability to print really large but I don't do this on a frequent basis and can make large prints from 16MP files with some uprezzing if needs must. The price difference could go towards a lens, flash, tripod etc. That just my opinion though.

Video. Never use it. Apparently the D5200 is better if that matters.



I agree with everything here...just for clarificication, you cannot fine tune the D5200's 39-point AF.

Oops. I made a false assumption about the fine tuning. Thanks for pointing that out.



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