The Amazing D200.

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D200 is like a baby digital back

Wow, so much agree with you guys!

Isn't it truly iconic that this old gem was so underrated for many years (due to lousy High ISO vs the 5D at that point in time), and now is getting the well deserved respect ?

It's easy to figure out why.

Back at those days, the D200 had to be Nikon's all around camera, but it wasn't quite it.

As low as ISO 1250 noise was a real problem, while the 5D could easily go up to ISO 3200 without worries.

That built a bad reputation for the D200, for many years...

Fast forward to 2013, you can choose any camera you want for High ISO.

You're free to choose from the D700 up to D4, while the D200 can now be used exclusively for base ISO, where it really shines.

I agree with the previous poster, saying the D200 is a mini Digital back.

I have a Leaf Aptus digital back, and the D200 comes really, really close at overall rendering, way closer than my other CMOS cameras.

In fact, I swear I prefer the D200 output over Nikon FF's ones at any day.

Well, to put the D200 and a digital back in the same league, well... that says it all about this camera, isn't it?

At least IMO.

I can only dream what would happen if Nikon had ever built a FF CCD using the same design from the D200's chip...    what a dream camera it would have been.

It's a pity CCD is now extinct...  For low ISO shooters, it was the better technology.

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