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Tim Streater wrote:

Can anyone point me at comparable numbers for older/newer versions of this lens, or perhaps someone who has owned both would like to comment on the differences. I'm trying to suggest to her that it's time to upgrade to a more recent Pentax.

Tim, there are side-by-side comparisons of shots from the old vs. new kit lens here:

- they leave it to you to download the pics and make your own mind up.

And the slrgear site says that the newer version is definitely better:

... but if you want to persuade your wife to upgrade there are many reasons stronger than an improved kit lens (after all you get the newer kit lens on the old K100D body which is presumably not what you want).

I had a K100D, then a K7, and now a K-01.  The improvement in image quality in all sorts of ways from the current generation compared to the K100D is vast.  Apart from the difference in resolution between 16MP and 6MP, of more importance IMO is the much better performance in low light and the better dynamic range.  It was easy to blow highlights on the K100D and the transition to the blown-out regions was rather ugly; and you will get more shadow detail at the other end.  In low light it is wonderful to be able to shoot at ISO6400 and (after using a noise-reduction plugin) get nice-looking A4 prints.

If you are used to a K100D, try out the new entry-level K500, or the outgoing mid-range K30.  You will be amazed at the difference.

Best wishes

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