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Phillip Tornero wrote:

Hello all. I have just purchased the Panasonic GF3 with tele kit lens and after unboxing the camera, have noticed there is no back lens cap for either camera or lens. Is this just my camera or what? I have begun to be a bit leery about that panasonic bunch. Glad I also purchased a olympus camera. anyone know of any GF3 camera body cover I could purchase? Thanks to all for the reply.

The GF3 and the lens should come with body cap for the body, and both front and rear lens caps for the camera.  When I purchased mine, they had all three.

If you were sold this as a new, not demo, unit, then you need to contact the seller, as it clearly has been opened and handled.  If not, you may want to contact the seller anyway and tell them they owe you the caps.....

If all else fails and you want to keep the camera, you can pick up lens and body caps very inexpensively on Ebay.

Good luck!


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