How long can digital bodies last.......even the good ones?

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Re: Out of service parts BEFORE the end of retail sales

Roger Krueger wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Roger Krueger wrote:

Apparently the case for Canon's non-IS version of the 70-200/2.8.

I doubt this was intentional. I'd bet the lenses still on the shelf were built several years ago.

And a pro workhorse lens like this is going to generate a lot of repairs.

This statement makes no sense. A high end pro lens is not going to be broken a lot. It's built well and won't stop working easily.

A pro lens gets used a lot harder, and treated like a tool, not an expensive toy. In the same way a Lexus doing 1000 miles a week is going to generate more repairs than a Yugo only driven three blocks to church on Sunday.

Poor analogy.  A car has a lot of moving parts that wear significantly compared to a lens that zooms and focuses. Lenses are not an item that wears with use.  It will wear with misuse.

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