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theswede wrote:

teseg wrote:

So for $1K you will have a system that can keep you for many years to come, as I do not see photo-processing software creating leaps of incremental CPU workload in the near future

You'd be surprised how much more taxing 32 bit float per channel operations become, and those are around the corner. CPU will soon be the new constraint of image processing again.

And so few applications will require 32-bit FP calculations it will be a non-issue.

In summary, some of the desktops on the market (from the major brands) have hardware components significantly discounted vs. the retail price you would pay to assemble yourself... the biggest challenge is uninstalling bloat ware at start up.

No, they do not have anything discounted. What they do is trade quality for price, just like everyone else. In this case you get what you pay for. Cheap capacitors, unlacquered boards, low throughput IO peripherals, subpar cooling solutions and limited BIOS features and upgradability are the norm on systems like these.


Large OEMs absolutely do get discounts on their components. It is because they purchase in bulk and can therefore negotiate lower per-unit pricing. This is a major reason why OEMs can offer lower system prices than individuals can attain.

OEM quality will suffer more the lower the prices go. But this does not equate to a bad product, per se.

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