Morality down the drain under this administration...

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Re: Morality down the drain under this administration...

Princess Leia wrote:

Pretty soon, teachers having sex with their students will be legalized! This is the insane liberal world liberals would like it to be.

...and dogs will be living with cats, and the world will tilt off axis and gravity will evaporate because men on average weigh more than women so if men are together with other men this will create an unnatural shift in mass on the planet (which has only been around for a few thousand years), so the only way to counter this evil is to force everyone to carry a gun and a bible because fox news said a guy did a study that concluded an assault rifle and a bible were the perfect mass to offset this phenomenon (it's science), except that the sun reflects off of lighter skin, but is absorbed more from those with darker skin, so we have to move everyone with darker skin to the same place away from those with lighter skin because that's why there could be global warming, but global warming is fake because fox news said so and the President is an alien and he wants to take away cookies from our children and liberals hate America.

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