Anybody else like to see 25 fps in video on OMD EM5?

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Re: As far as I am concerned you are bluffing

"It would have required a completely different manufacturing of a Pal version though. 25p can't evenly divide 120 or 240hz the output itself would have stuttering."

Please qualify this. Seems you are assuming the image cmos has a native rate of 24 or 30 fps? Not so. It is locked to a clock frequency generated by the electronics. Adding a 25fps rate should a be a doddle, but may require basic planning from the outset - or maybe just someone up top telling the techies it's actually important!  Either way - if the hardware does have some basic limitation then they are guilty of stupid planning, and alternately if it's a simple matter of software tweaks then they are really not listening or caring. Or maybe the message has never gotten through?

BTW if someone says "tough" it's only for the internet and who cares what the frame rate" they are missing the point. I do care and it's not just for the internet. It's pretty well established that cameras like Canon 5d and Pentax GH2 have created minor revolution in semi-professional video production which is hard to ignore.

"On 15 March 2010, Canon released a firmware upgrade to add a 25p mode for PAL format compatibility and a 24p mode for compatibility with motion picture film cameras."

That was over 3 years ago... so they realised something even then.

Then - Dec 2011 -

"Panasonic have now released firmware 1.1 which gives GH2 users 25p embedded in a 50i stream at 24mb/s AVCHD like the GH1. US owners get 30p embedded in a 60i stream.  The native 24p “cinema mode” remains."

With the release of EM5 Olympus added the carrot of really excellent image stabilisation which is independent of the lens, yet ignored the history and potential...

Anyone who cares about this please contact your national Olympus rep or website and tell them it must change. Like any evil corporation if they never hear the message they will not do anything, unless they fear it may affect their sales.

My 2 bits...

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