How about the Sigma 120-400mm lens?

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Dave Throgmartin
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Re: How about the Sigma 120-400mm lens?

BobT wrote:


Unfortunately your comments are exactly what I've been mulling over in my little brain over the last few days. I have a fellow offering my his Sigma 120-400mm PLUS $200 cash in exchange for my Canon 70-200/4 IS lens. It seems to me that if I tend to shoot a lot more wildlife (my favorite sunbjects), the Sigma would be the answer. Yet, the 70-200 is a better "general" subject shooter. I was considering the Canon 100-400mm, but can't afford the expense. This current deal lets me trade, AND make a few bucks as well.

HOWEVER, to this time, I have not been a very faithful tripod user. And it sounds like one should use a T-pod with the heavier Sigma lens. So just how true/important is a t-pod? The other negative is the weight for hand holding. I'm an older guy, and I do feel the strain of my bag of gear after shouldering it for a few hours.

If possible I'd recommend trying the Sigma out first before finalizing the trade to make sure you won't regret it.


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