D800 live view focus slow and noisy

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Re: D800 live view focus slow and noisy

u007 wrote:

Focus in live view uses contrast detection, just like compact point and shoot cameras or mobile phones do. So it will always be a LOT slower than the focus using the viewfinder. Viewfinder-based focus is called "phase detection" and it is very fast, but also less accurate. However, it can be used for tracking subjects, which live view can't.

Basically Nikon have allowed you to choose:

Phase detection (viewfinder) - very fast, can track subjects, but can be inaccurate

Contrast detection (live view) - slower, can't track things, but extremely accurate

On occasion, I have used LV to continuously track faces. The technology in the D800 has improved somewhat as compared to previous DSLRs, but there is definitely room for improvement.

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