Just got my D7100 w/ 16-55mm Lens and have a few questions?

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Re: Just got my D7100 w/ 16-55mm Lens and have a few questions?

mosswings wrote:

To summarize so I understand it, connect the Seagate Slim and SD card to the Kingston MobileLite, launch the copy from SD > HDD with the App wirelessly from my iOS device, then I can close the App and carry on with whatever on my iOS device because the copy will run and complete autonomously. Right?


Exactly. The MobileLite hub also allows "bridging", so you can access the internet through the hub while transfer is in progress. Otherwise, it establishes a local network consisting of the tablet and hub alone.

One last question on this for a slow person. If I understand this correctly the card reader and hard drive are connected directly to the hub and the transfer is controlled wirelessly from my android device? At first I thought I had to connect the hard drive to the android device. This would be much easier.

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