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Re: Need Assistance with PC Specs

I want to point out few things.

Going with ITX case will limit you to less MB choices, less cooling and less memory.

As far as SSD, you don't need more than 120GB for OS. I got hundreds pieces of software installed including MS office and Adobe Master suite still got 50% capacity left.

I got one of the slowest SSDs and one of the fastest SSDs (in two computers) and in real life there is no difference. Synthetic test software might show the difference but real life software using will not. If you get 32Gb of memory you will not need virtual memory. And if you don't do anything extraordinary your SSD will last you longer than your computer. 120Gb SSD can last 9 years as reported by SSDLife but that is because I installed all software at once. I would suspect it will last longer than that. I think technology will change in 9 years so what you buy now will be throw away in 5 years.

Get Asus Sabertooth X87 board. I have been using Sabertooths for quite a while now and never had a problem.

CPU speed is more important than SSD speed. Faster writing (debatable) is not going to substitute for faster processing. After all you are doing photo processing not database crunching.

I also have D800e and 5D3 and many other high resolution cameras and for years struggled with processing. SSD did nothing for me. Getting 3930K and running it at 4.5Ghz plus 32gb of memory is what made the huge difference. You can test it yourself. Copy 20 files on SSD and on the hard drive. Now open them at once and time it. You will not see any difference.

Good luck.

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