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Re: History & Future of the dSLR

i've had a d80 and now d800, And i really doubt anytime soon i need anything better then D800. It's the biggest step in years. Otherwise always 10>12>14>16>18 MP jumps. Superior small. Small iso advancements. The D800 is a massive leap, that will not occur anytime soon again. A 45 mp or so upgrade might come, but not anything more impressive i think. Why you think D300 upgrade still aint here?

The d80 learned me a lot about photography and what i really wanted. After carefull considerations, FX was for me the way to go. The lenses just are better (17-55mm f2,8 worse then 24-70mm f2,8, while same expensive price tag, similar stuff and other FX advantages, made me conclude FX was way to go). But then wich FX? D700 was nice, but not groundbraking (3 years old for me back then, and still pricy (1900 euro). And it didnt have video, etc.

Then the D800 comes, and a shop gives 15% instant discount... Didn't have to think twice. And now here I am with D800. Did it make me a better photographer? yes and no. Yes, in that it is a very demanding device, that will exagerrate any mistake you make with 36mp. And thus you are much more carefull with technics. Stuff like exposure delay really is handy, and knowing d700 doesnt have it, it really makes me happy. Also this is the first time i'm using a semi-pro body. At the d80 (wich was already sort of entry semi-pro at the time, with more buttons, and dual rotation weels), i already was starting to feel limited by the amount of buttons to get my settings changed. Now that i have semi pro body (like d200 etc), i fell in love with the quick access to iso/WB/quality etc buttons. Really very handy, now that i change all settings so much. The D80 slowly learned me how to take pictures without auto-mode. With that knowledge transferred to D800, I really learned everything very fast. And i can only say i'm supremely happy with D800. 6 years ago, i was drooling at Hasselblad 39mp pictures, thinking it would never be in my reach. Now it is...

That in response to this topic, will this d800, my d800 be absolete in 5-10 years? hell no. I got still a lot of room for improvement. The d700 is still a nice camera, nobody will disagree. And d800 is such a big leap forward (3x as much pixels as predecessor), that i absolutely doubt it will be seen as bad camera in 10 years. And wathever, if a 60 mp, D900 exist by then, D800 still remains damn good camera. Also remember that at certain point more pixels will not result in more satisfaction. For landscape i feel every extra pixel, is really nice. (one of reasons I really wanted the D800, landscapes). However for cityscapes, people pictures, it's not that much necessary although it's nice. But 100mp, i think will be to much for close-ups. At least for non professional people.

So imo, D800 will not suffer as much from aging as you think, since it's a unique leap forward (never seen before). 10>12 megapixel, is 20% more pixels, 12,1 > 36,3 Mp = 300% progress.  15x times more progress then most DSLR upgrades! 15 times, yes you read it right! you think this will become old stuff soon? no way. And there still the requirement of a good photographer for a good picture. More MP still definitely emphasize that.

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