Furious about a disastrous Panasonic Lumix G Survey! (UK)

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Re: Furious about a disastrous Panasonic Lumix G Survey! (UK)

Michael J Davis wrote:

jwhphotos wrote:

Those "surveys" are purely for marketing purposes so they can make statements like "9 out of ten dentists recommend...." There is no intent or claim that it is a scientific survey. Where do you think the claims in ads come from? Just ignore it, no reason to get upset, and get on with your life.

It's OK - I'm not really upset.;-)

However, before I retired I ran an industrial market research company; lectured on marketing at a business school, and feel that questionnaires like that - presumably not even tested across a range of browsers - merely contribute to the poor reputation of 'Marketing' as a profession. (As evidenced by many of the replies in this thread.)

So I still try to do my bit.

Right on, Mike. Although notionally retired, I still am a marketing consultant to small business -- mainly tourism now in Papua New Guinea now, a place where people consider that if you’re an old bloke you m,ight have gone around the block a couple of times and actually know something. It is very refreshing, I can tell you!

My son-in-law was in sales/marketing (yes, they had the two mixed up) for the Australian branch of a large consumer goods company which had about 70% of its market. He told me once about the results they were getting out of a marketing survey. Turned out they were looking at it in so many different ways they had about four subjects per cell and were using that to drive their marketing!

Yes, he knew it was wrong but the boss man had authorized it so …

But since they had such a huge slab of the market, it pretty much didn’t matter what they did -- it all worked out in the end!

Cheers, geoff

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