How long can digital bodies last.......even the good ones?

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Honest quality could be a thing of the past. Just glad I still have my old Nikon film kit for emergencies, and of course the feel of a well built machine occasionally.

The "honest quality" was a big selling point when stuff was relatively expensive, compared to the average earnings, the technology didn't develop very fast, and quality was generally hard to come by. People wanted to pay extra for lasting quality in something they would only buy once or twice in a lifetime.

Not many are willing to pay top dollar for "honest quality" in the age when everything is an expendable commodity and the quality of cheap commodities is usually good enough to outlast the usefulness of the product. I don't expect my camera to last 20 years, but I'd be p!ssed if it didn't last 4-5.

Technology for cameras as well as computers is just now slowing to the point that it would matter whether or not the product lasts more than ten years.  This generation of computers and cameras is just not that much greater than the last.

I could easily live with the last computer I had.  My new MBPr is great, but the "wow factor" is less than it was when my last one was new.  My 60D is the first DSLR I have had.  There are plenty of better cameras.  Without jumping to FF, at double the price for everything, there is nothing better enough to get me excited about a new camera.

Just as quality still matters in products that don't change as much, cars, golf clubs, tools, etc, computer and camera buyers will soon start to care about it as well, once the perception of a new revolutionary machine is over.  It does seem to be ending, based on my unscientific observations.

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