Nikon Rumors predicts D4x

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Re: Nikon Rumors predicts D4x

slidewilson wrote:

Arretose wrote:

Put me down for 2, thanks. Unless it has the dreaded left AF focus issue!

Not sure if this is thread-worthy, but here's the link:

  • Same body as the Nikon D4
  • 36 MP sensor without AA filter, designed and made by Nikon, with some new improvements (moirein-camera reduction)
  • 6 fps (11 fps is the maximum possible fps with the current shutter)
  • Few video improvements
  • Price should be few hundred dollars above the D4 (currently listed for $5996.95).
  • Announcement expected in fall of 2013

Why bother upgrading the D4 if it's just going to be a D800E with 1 more FPS in a dual-grip body with improved video?

It's more likely to be an 18-23 MP with a next gen EXPEED processor or two while maintaining that 11 FPS (or maybe a slight bump up to 13-15 to match or better the 1DX). That or if sticking to 11-13 FPS range, then the AF will be expanded for more AF + quicker AF.

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Looking to second shoot for a pro in NYC!

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